Alice Tatters

Once upon a time, Lilith got to thinking about mud and dirt and how He had made her.  And how He had neglected her.  Once upon a time, she got to thinking about rags and sawdust and scraps of yarn...and how she could do better. 

So she sat down at her sewing machine and stitched and stitched and stitched.  She would make a happy creature, who would not dwell on man's cruelty, condescension or hypocrisy.  She would make a creature who saw the beauty in everything and everyone. 

To breathe life into her darling, little rag doll, Lilith gave her a piece of her own black heart, and named her Alice Tatters.

And Tatters did not dwell on man's cruelty, condescension or hypocrisy.  And she did see the beauty in everything and everyone, and was blinded to their uglier sides.   It was always a nasty shock to Tatters when people were not good, and kind, and caring.  Always the ugliest sort of surprise when she found herself used and abused by them.  



Tatters in Motion

Is A Box

Story and Art by Viktor Devonne

In truth, she never really expected that eventually the box would be empty.  She took and took from it so naturally one may think it was losing its contents at a rapid rate.  But then she was constantly giving, so perhaps not.

In any case, she eventually sat quietly, staring at the box she had created and painted and made beautiful in her own, if not conventional way.  Her eyes nearly flooded down her cheeks when she gave true thought to its value.

"It is everything."

If Pandora had let everything but hope from within her own legendary safehold, then surely this creature before us had dug deep, clawing her sensitive hands until they bled lavendar, only to believe that hope must still be within.  Hiding.  Biding. 

Alone, like she was.

As alone as she ever felt.  The people around her floated in, floated out, around, and yet never seemed more than like that fishbowl she had at 8 years old.

Goldfish are said to only have 2 seconds of memory.


2 seconds.

Tatters remembers everything.  She is quite fond of her memory, knowing that as it builds, it will rival that of the greatest mind.  Whether she learns, remains less certain.


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